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This Apartment Will Have 20 Free Chargers

Yuval Bar-Zemer, left, Leonard Hill, w Chargers

Look at All Them Chargers

Apartment tenants at The Elysian (a Linear City development), a 96-unit conversion of Los Angeles’ historic Metropolitan Water District headquarter, now have the opportunity to charge their plug-in vehicle for free, but the cost of parking is $100-$150 for space (which is not included with apartment rental).

Len Hill, Bar-Zemer’s Linear City partner, stated:

“By making parking optional to the lease, we’re broadcasting to residents that it might not make sense to even own a car.”

These are mostly upscale apartments that a cost a minimum of $1,500 and go as high as $6,500 per month.

However, this claimed to be the first apartment building to offer free EV charging in the nation, provided you overlook the fact that you must first rent a parking space for $100 to $150 per month.

Homeowners are typically able to install charging stations in their home without any major problems, but apartment tenants are often left without a choice and more times than not lack the ability to charge “at their own home.”

Until now.

Linear City partner Yuval Bar-Zemer, commented:

“The lack of chargers in apartment buildings is one of the biggest obstacles to widespread electric car adoption.  If we can prove that our paradigm makes sense in the market place, then we are confident that other developers will follow suit. We want free EV charging for renters to be seen as a standard amenity.”

Giving tenants with EVs the assurance that they can charge in their parking space means that their EV will be ready to go for the days driving adventure.

Single Charge Sta

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